Stress balls have asoft and doughy feel and are squeezed repeatedly as well as rolled by people who are stressed out to get relief from built-up stress. These balls are also known by the names stress toys, stress relievers, or stress relief balls. Some variations that are seen are the musical balls, Chinese balls, etc. In the initial stage, stress balls were made of polyurethane foam rubber, in which the “squidgy” feel of the ball was the result of thecreation of foam by the bubbles. Nowadays, one comes across different types of these custom stress balls. Hence, one can find stress balls that are made of gel or balls made of rubber, cloth or balloon-like material with flour-like substance in it. The right use of the ball depends on the texture and robustness. And though the common type of shape that is found is spherical-shaped stress ball, one also comes across theball in almost any shape, size and color. And due to the availability of awide selection of balls, it makes sense to select the right one that meets your requirement well. For example, the man sitting on the wheel of a cab for long periods would find a firmer and elongated ball the right choice when selecting a stress ball, which he could use to prevent stiffness. However, a senior citizen having arthritis in hands would do well to select a softer ball having nodules that would help in providing massage to the reflex points that exist in the hands when these balls are squeezed. Chinese or musical balls which are smaller in sizes and hard to feel are easy to roll around the hand, though petite folk would find other stress balls helpful. It must, however, be noted that in spite of their bright colors, stress balls should not be considered as toys and should not be given to children. Nowadays, there is an increasing popularity of stress balls to act as stress relief tools. One reason for this situation is due to the fact that stress is increasing rapidly in the modern society of today. It is found that in the US as well as other western countries, stress is becoming a leading health problem as people are seeing an increased incidence of stress-related illnesses. This is because due to long hours of workload, people find difficult to get rid of the built-up stress, as they find less time to get relief from stress. It should be noted that stress balls are small, portable and simple items. These balls come in bright colors and are affordable to own them. There are balls made to glitter, while some others are designed to vibrate. A mere squeezing of astress ball is enough to lessen the tension and the built-up stress in the person. Computer workers often suffer from strain injuries due to arepetitive job that they do, and they would find the use of stress balls as a quick and easy solution to get over the problem. Surfing Stress Ball – A Great Way to Keep Your Cool Different shapes and sizes of stress balls are available in the market. Surfing stress ball is gaining in popularity in the business world. The surfing stress ball could be held in the hand and this ball comes with surfing logo on it. Rubber or some squeezable material is used to make this type of ball, as these balls are squeezed repeatedly when the user feels anxious or stressed out. The action helps to remove the stress out of the system due to the physical activity that the user does. In addition, the holder of the ball gets a psychological boost, given the different shapes and sizes of these balls that are available in the market. Hence, it is possible to get acartoon or animal figure ball that is used to act as astress reliever. In addition to squeezing away the stress, the use of the ball reminds about the humorous cartoon character, which acts as a means to relax. Surfing stress ball resembles this feature. Other than squeezing out the built-in anxiety, you could find ‘aloha’, long board, or palm tree logo that reminds you of the good time that you had at the beach. You might not have been to the beach, but holding the ball would make you think of the pleasant, relaxing, ambiance of the beach as you sip a cocktail. You get the feeling of relaxation as you squeeze the ball, and in the process, you relieve your level. It is also possible to use balls in a tactile and auditory manner. Different types of material are put within a ball or else, one can have a foam rubber ball. Squeezing the balls that have rice, oatmeal, dry beans, or small beads within the ball help the hand get more texture when squeezed. The hand gets a massage, leading to a soothing effect being felt by the user of the ball. It needs mentioning here that stress ball is themodern equivalent of the rosary or worry beads which are often seen among catholic people carrying around. The use of ball helps a person to get the frustration out as the focus of the mind is diverted. To get relief from stress, one can go for one of the two strategies. Doing physical activity helps in preventing the stress hormones from acting. Hence, we find people doing exercise or sports after a hectic day of stressful activity to relax. And the availability of surfing stress ball helps the person using it to divert their thoughts from the busy day at work. Promotional stress balls are becoming widely popular among major businesses, as they are available in all shapes and sizes. The good thing about stress balls is that no fixed mold exits. Hence, one gets theball in the shape of almost every profession out there. Although it is necessary that life has some kind of variety, but the unfortunate thing is that stress is common in most people’s life. Hence, hospitals would find keeping personalized stress balls to dole out to patients and help them calm their nerves, and also as a kind of adding entertainment. There could be stress ball in the shape of a doctor or a little nurse that would remind the patients that they are in the professional hand of a medic. High-powered executives often have to face stressful situations, and to get out these situations, they often keep custom stress balls at some corner in their office. The stressful life of CEO makes these people look for ways to have a playful time. Hence, for these seasoned workers with abusy lifestyle, there are balls that come in the form of cute little animal shapes, all designed to alleviate stress from the hectic life. The same goes with executives as they are responsible for making the company business a success. The availability of personalized stress balls helps people to think about getting solace by squeezing a ball with their favorite animal imprinted on it. For sports lovers, there are promotional stress balls that resemble the different kinds of sports. Hence, one could have custom stress balls resembling the game of bowling. One can have their own choice of theball that resembles their hobby of the particular sport. Baseball players would find promotional stress balls in the shape of baseball as a great way to keep up their spirit before the big game. Bowlers having their league’s name on the customized stress ball would find using them as a great comfort before the league night. One can get the logo of the business, as well as the group or league imprinted on the ball, which the members would find a great way to relax in a fun way. Finding the right shape for your stress ball that is consistent with your company or group is not that hard because of thousands of different shapes that are in existence. This type of gift items selected would be used for ordering customized stress balls along with the logo and business name imprinted on the ball. There are many suppliers of these balls and one can do a thorough research on the internet before selecting one for your specific needs. Ordering bulk stress balls can get agood discount on the total amount. In addition, one gets expert advice from these sellers to get the perfect stress ball for their specific needs.

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