Every man needs a great bag, but what’s the best type to carry around when you’re going about your busy life?

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Classic Backpacks

You are probably past the stage of lugging around textbooks, but a backpack is a highly versatile choice that will see you through a range of situations. Today’s versions are also high fashion and made from beautiful materials such as soft leather or suede. Look for tans, blacks and neutrals if you want a flexible piece that will work with a work wardrobe as well as for off-duty. Twill cotton backpacks are also fashionable and light. Look for one with enough space to carry your laptop and any other essentials.

A Messenger Bag

These are ideal for when you are on the go, and a smart messenger bag can suit different situations. Have fun with the styling and strap if you are planning to use it for leisure situations and pick one with a great leather finish for durability. This classic style will last the test of time!

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These are the ultimate all-rounders, and a large holdall will always be useful in your wardrobe. Team canvas holdalls with urban pumps and Farah shirts from https://www.ejmenswear.com/men/farah and you can nail the urban street style look with ease. If you’re planning to use your holdall for more than just its looks, check out features such as interior zipped pockets, waterproofing, strong and padded adjustable back straps and toggles so that you can compartmentalise your storage items and make the most of the interior space. Many outdoor brands offer rugged holdalls which combine the functionality you want with sleek modern styling.

Gym Bags

These are great holdall pieces that obviously work perfectly for the gym or the pitch but are also ideal throughout your day. Again, if you are planning to use a gym bag for work, then choose a khaki, grey or neutral shade without bold graphics so that you can still look professional. Look for high-end edging and quality stitching so that your bag says ‘quality’ rather than cheap and cheerful! Gym bags are available in sleek lines and neat proportions so that you can fit your kit and towel in as well as daily essentials that don’t require you to double up on your carrying items.


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