Winter is a festive season. It’s a time for celebrations and good tidings to come. Why not celebrate this chilly season with a wondrous white winter wedding sealed that matches the moment? Winter weddings have been gaining popularity since 2012. It is estimated that over 30% of all weddings take place between October and March. But, for engaged couples who are planning to marry this season, a white wedding band with diamond gems may be the best choice to commemorate this momentous occasion. Wedding Rings Make this Winter Season Filled with Love and Merriment Winter season is usually associated with cool temperatures and fields of snow. Loved ones often gather in warm homes and make merry to ward off the cold winter spell. This is why weddings during this time are ideal. This is the season that brings friends and families together; hence, a wedding gives them more of a reason to celebrate. In addition to that, the wedding event becomes the highlight of the season. But, there are also several perks in holding a wedding during the winter time. Top 3 Reasons to Hold Wedding During Winter Engaged couples may choose Winter as the prime season for their weddings. Even Becky Lucas and Alex Ritman committed to each other during the height of the winter season. Booking a wedding event during the days of snow offer several advantages to the eager couple. A Truly Unique Experience Typically, weddings are held during the summer season. As such, a couple looking to hold a wedding this time might run the risk of having several reservations that may come into conflict with the proposed event date. Preferred event locations may need to be booked months in advance. Holding the event during the colder seasons might prevent these conflicts. Most gatherings during this time are in homes. Many prefer to stay with their families during the holidays. Hence, there may be several venues that are available during this time to accommodate wedding events. Romantic Light Array Winter themed weddings typically use white as the dominant colour. Candlelight is a great accent to help bring out the theme. It makes the drab white background stand out whilst not overpowering the theme. An Appropriate Ring to Fit the Theme For a true winter white wedding, it is advised to seal the bond with a white gold wedding band adorned by several diamonds. There are jewellers who offer exquisite hallmarked wedding bands. You may opt for platinum, yellow or white gold for the ring’s metal. Engaged couples may ask jewellers to customise the wedding band for their event. Find Wedding Rings from Reading Jewellers Today A wedding is a momentous event that is celebrated by friends and family alike. The cool winter time makes for a great season to get married. This season celebrates happiness and close union between family members. Having two souls that pledge an everlasting love authenticated by a lovely diamond wedding band will be the highlight of the season. Plan the wedding event today and seal it with a hallmarked wedding ring from Jacobs the Jewellers.

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