Create wooden bouquets on your own

Sola wooden flower bouquets are one-time magic that simply culminates all the reasons that may stop you from decorating your surroundings with flowers. These wooden flowers are everything you need for your home indoors, floral decorations for the wedding ceremony, or several other occasions.

Sola wood bouquets are elegant and will last for years with you as a keepsake of your beautiful memories. Sola wood flowers and wooden bouquets have become a hot trend for every occasion, and people are switching to wooden bouquets so frequently.

And why not?

Sola wood bouquets are gorgeous and mimic original flower bouquets so proficiency. These wooden flowers bouquets suppress the original flower bouquets in many ways.

No restrictions of seasonal availability, scent-free, pollen-free, and available in all colors are prominent features of sola wooden bouquets. Most of all, the affordable prices make these blossoms favorite among interior designers, wedding planners, crafters, and common people.

Wooden bouquets are biodegradable and eco-friendly, too, and these are best to give as a gift in several situations like for people who suffer from pollen allergies and seasonal flu. These are handy to make, and anyone can make these wooden bouquets at home just by watching a few sola wood flower tutorials.

Do you know how sola wood flowers are made?

Sola wood flowers are made of a natural material. These flowers are originated from the bark of the Tapioca plant. Sola wood flowers are heavenly beautiful in their original ivory color. Still, you can easily dye these blooms into any color you want. Acrylic paints, spray paints, watercolors, or fabric dyes can be used to dye these flowers. Watching sola wood flower tutorials, you can easily craft wooden flowers of any shape and style. To color these blooms, you can also take help from video tutorials to dye sola wood flowers at home. The things you need to make sola wood flowers at home are:

  • Handplane
  • Pieces of sola wood to craft petals
  • Scissors
  • Wire stems

Wood flower bouquets:

To arrange wood flower bouquets, you can make a sola wood bouquet kit in which following stuff is available:

  • Sola wood flowers
  • Wire stems
  • Twine
  • Bouquet grass
  • Glue stick
  • Wood flower dyes of different colors
  • Wire stems

Sola wood bouquets allow you to make enhancement in your bouquet design and try different things with new things. You have to do it at once on your own, and you can have the confidence that the outcome will be stunning.

Sola wood flowers have another marvelous feature of reshaping. With little more effort, it is easy to reshape the rough edges of your blooms. These blossoms are the superb decision to craft your first bouquet on your own. No one knows that just in a few attempts, you will be able to create wooden bouquets professionally or a dream wedding bouquet of your choice for your own.

Till you reach the level of perfection in creating wooden bouquets, is here to help you. You can get customized sola wood flowers and wooden bouquets in every style and color of your choice at affordable prices.

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