A birthday is not merely a celebrating a particular day but also the celebration of the priceless gift called life.  This gets even more special when the birthday boy/girl is dear to you. You might have already planned the entire day and even bought new clothes to make sure you get the best pictures clicked. But have you picked up a birthday present for your special friend? We know this is the hardest part and gets even more difficult if your friend is a little finicky. To make sure that your friend genuinely likes your gift, you need to put in some extra effort, but first, you need to know which way you need to go.

You may never know if your friend truly adores your gift or not, but there is a sure shot way that will get your friend drooling over your gift. This can be done if you opt for personalized gifts. Nowadays, almost anything can be customized and made just the way your dear friend likes. Not just this, but you can also get her picture on the gift you have selected which will make it even more special.

Here are 5 personalized gifts that will surprise your friend on his/her birthday:

  • Cakes

Every birthday celebration needs a scrumptious cake and you can make it special by personalizing it. A theme cake will be great idea as it will portray his hobbies and his own personality. You can also get it personalized with a Photo Cake, you only need to pick up the most spectacular picture of your friend and get it on top of the Birthday Cake. This will surely be a special experience for your friend.

  • Coffee Mugs

Coffee mug is another option that will make for a gift but you can add up to its value by customizing it a little. You can get a picture printed on it or a quote that your friend uses frequently. Now whenever your friend yearns for coffee, you will be missed.

  • Photo Frames

A gift idea that never goes out of style is photo frame. This is because a great picture is loved by all, and everyone loves to take a walk down the memory lane every once in a while. You can get a picture of you both which will make this gift a symbol of your friendship.

  • Cushions

You know the party will be nerve-wrecking so what better gift can be than a comfy cushion! But not just a regular cushion, but a personalized one so each time your friend thinks of having a nap, you will be remembered.

  • T-shirt

Clothing items are always welcomed by everyone but why give a typical t-shirt when you can make it special! Simply get a quote or a picture printed on the t-shirt and make your Birthday Gift extraordinary.

We hope these personalized gifts will help you make the birthday celebrations a total success and your friend will adore every bit of it.

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