False lashes are truly gorgeous, but these are hard to apply, not comfortable to wear for a longer time, and notorious for being sticky. Thankfully, the development of a unique solution has changed the game completely. Magnetic Eyeliner is specifically designed to be used underneath its companion product of Magnetic Lashes.

What was the need for the magnetic liner?

Magnetic eyelashes already exist with their distinct identity of having magnets, but then what was the need to introduce a magnetic liner?

The early magnetic lashes had the same functioning as a sandwich with your natural lashes in the centre. These sets of magnetic falsies contain magnets that you attach to the top and bottom of your lashes. This new version of magnetic lashes with black or clear magnetic eyeliner is as simple as applying Eyeliner and applying lashes immediately on top. There is no need for adhesive with almost any drying time.

Difference between magnetic and traditional eyeliners:

Initially, people probably picture an eyeliner pencil when they think of a conventional liner. It was working well enough, and it was essential to sharpen it regularly to obtain a clean application. Otherwise, the result was a really thick and hefty liner. The first innovation in the eyeliner business was the creation of liquid Eyeliner. It was the first step forward in the eyeliner making industry.

Traditional fake eyelashes require the application of lash adhesive to affix the false lashes to the user’s eye. The adhesive was difficult to apply, but it was poisonous and caused the natural lashes to fall out if someone gets it in her eye.

It was obvious that there was a real demand for a more user-friendly fake eyelash. Magnetic Eyeliner was introduced around this time. This breakthrough in Eyeliner made it possible for the typical make-up user to effortlessly apply lashes.

Is magnetic Eyeliner safe to use around the eyes and on the face?

Magnetic Eyeliner is intended to complement magnetic eyelashes by assisting them in remaining in place. These liners are available in a liquid form that is usually regarded as safe. Magnetic eyeliners not only assist magnetic lashes to stay in place while also enhance their appearance. These contain FDA-approved iron oxides, which is often used in cosmetics. Iron oxides are pigment-containing minerals that are insignificant in terms of health danger.

Iron oxide can induce allergies. However, this is uncommon. If you have a history of eczema or contact dermatitis, you may be susceptible to iron oxide. The trick to use black/clear magnetic Eyeliner is to replace the product every three months to avoid bacteria development in the bottle. It is also advised o perform a patch test of magnetic Eyeliner to make sure you are not allergic.

Baby Llama Magnetic Lash Kit:

Dramma Llama is a reputed brand that has introduced its exclusive and very own magnetic baby lash kit. This kit contains a pair of magnetic lashes composed of high-quality silk and a tube of clear magnetic liner. These are Vegan, Gluten-free, and Cruelty-free lashes that you can easily put on applying a line of the clear magnetic liner. This baby lash kit is affordable and offers its users a fabulous experience of voluminous and curly lightweight false eyelashes.


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