How many items sold on television infomercials end up being sold again in the garage sale of somebody? A lot of it! I just don’t seem like a lot of things work as advertised… And, as you would imagine. But it could be said just the opposite about a fine, compact steamer in the garment. Such things work better than you think, and with ease and simplicity they can perform many tasks. All you need is to buy the best garment steamer.

I’m not new to ironing and I spent a lot of an hour with a soft, heavy hand-held de-wrinkling cloth. At the age of eight, I began to iron the clothes of the family for 25 cents per shirt. Socks (I tried that one) didn’t count. When I was done (conscious!) I learned the value of the work, the value of the buck and the clothes looked fine. It wasn’t that fast.

There was no such thing as a portable steamer back then, only the big, old heavy iron and ironing board. For most workers, the new technology appears to be a big change and the unit can be moved to where the job is located, becoming portable. This is particularly handy for drapes or curtains for steam cleaning, which can be washed while still being mounted on the windows. It’s fast and easy, and much less bother than taking down the drapes and sending them off to the dry cleaners.

Dry cleaners are expensive and you can save a lot of money on dry cleaning costs with your own steam cleaner. The compact, hand-held steamers are also easy to carry when you’re traveling and can work quickly by removing the wrinkles from the clothes that you’ve packed in your suitcase. Hotel valet services aren’t inexpensive, so getting your own garment steamer also helps to ease the trouble and expense.

Steaming on fabric is much more pleasant than ironing, and a decent steamer can make your clothes look longer and with less effort. These are particularly effective on delicate materials such as silk and chiffon, which are hard to properly iron fabrics. Denim, cotton and wool also enjoy a gentle steaming cycle.

Curtains and drapes are typically a pain to deal with because first they have to be removed and then washed off-site. This can be accomplished at a fraction of the cost with a portable steam cleaner and none of the above-mentioned hassle. You can quickly and easily clean them up in place.

There are plenty to choose from of portable garment steamer models and they come at very reasonable prices. Much can be found within the range of thirty to fifty dollars. For a college student living away from home or newlyweds, they make an excellent gift. You’re going to be shocked if you’ve never tried one. They do a really good job!

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