These days, it seems like everyone around us has been talking about their eyes– their eyesight – to be exact. We meet people on a daily basis, who are either complaining about their eyesight going bad, getting new prescription lenses or their latest laser eye surgery appointment. Most of us are on our desktops or laptops throughout the day for long periods of time, which results in headaches and blurred vision, amongst other things. What if there was a solution for all that? The answer? Computer glasses.

This revolutionary invention comes in both prescribed and non-prescribed forms. A lot of different companies now offer computer glasses. The way these glasses work is that they take out the blue light from computer screens or any other light source. Purchasing a frame is usually not necessary as they can be in their lens form and just be placed into regular optic frames. Because their lenses block out ultraviolet light, these glasses offer sleep to their wearer who might be unable to do so because of vision loss caused by age.

High-intensity light known blue light is an energy that any electronic device’s screen gives off. This light greatly affects our health in many negative ways. Amongst others, blue light can cause faster vision loss, lack of sleep, and eye discomfort and pain. Blue light comes in various strengths known as wavelengths. Companies who sell specialized glasses such as computer glasses list the amount of protection their glasses provide and at whichever wavelength protection the consumer is looking for.

Computer glasses are in some ways similar to polarized sunglasses. Like how polarization in sunglasses helps block out glares from light or the sun’s powerful rays, computer glasses block out harmful ultra-violet rays. In both types of glasses, the main idea is the same- eye protection. Some companies now have reinvented both concepts, and have created glasses that offer both, protection from blue light, ultraviolet A and ultraviolet B rays while reducing glare.

These glasses themselves are simple in appearance and look just like any other pair of optical glasses. The real difference is seen when they are actually worn. Most wearers claim that because of computer glasses, they no longer have to part with their desktops or laptops due to headaches. Computer glasses are also different from regular optic ones, because of their light weight and because they are comfortable to wear.

Computer glasses are amazing because rather than treating any eye or vision problems, they prevent them from happening in the first place. Computer glasses also save time because they do not allow their wearers to receive any eye pain or headaches, which then results in the wearer to not take as many breaks. This means that the fewer breaks are taken, the more efficiently tasks can be completed, resulting in more free time for the wearer. While no invention is ever perfect, and no pair of glasses can reverse eye damage- yet, preventing their eyes from any or further damage, is the best any modern day electronic device user can do for themselves.

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