Can you imagine a beach without sand??? A wedding without flowers would be just like that. Flowers are an essential part of your big day. From brides bouquet, bridesmaid bouquets, and corsages to table centerpieces and floral arrangement of cake table there is nowhere you can avoid flowers. Natural flowers are usually the priority of brides and wedding planners, but fake or wooden wedding flowers can also be a suitable or even better option.

Why get wooden wedding flowers?

Wooden wedding flowers can easily save you hundreds of dollars as compared to real flowers and it is the biggest advantage, but in case of being not particular with the budget, there are a lot of reasons to go with fake flowers. When you give this topic a thought, you will see that wooden wedding flowers open up an unlimited world of choices and there are many options to use these flowers with the real blooms.

Reasons to prefer wooden wedding flowers:

From so many reasons and advantages of sola wood flowers, here are some of the common benefits:

  • Economical:

Wooden wedding flowers cost less than half of what original flowers cost, but they look as beautiful, stylish, and sophisticated as the real ones.

  • Rent fake flowers:

Of course, it is not possible to get a real flower on rent. But there are many online wedding stores with a catalog of pre-designed bridal bouquet that you can get on a very nominal rental fee. It is far lesser than the price of bouquet made from real flowers that anyways going into the dustbin in a few days.

  • No restrictions with color options:

Wooden wedding flowers provide you the freedom of choosing the flower designed in any color you want. Even you can think about red hydrangeas and blue roses. This is exotic and unique and it is also easy to follow your wedding theme. Bridesmaids can also match the flowers with their dresses.

  • No need to go with in-season only:

Pick the flowers you have your heart set on in any season. Fake wedding flowers provide you every option of favorite flowers in any season. Irrespective of the in-season availability of flowers you can get what you desire for.

  • Durability:

A gust of wind, light rain, or little carefree transportation of flowers for a destination wedding can cause significant damage to real flowers. Wooden wedding flowers will take much more than all the above-mentioned situations. These flowers are much sturdier and durably designed and you may not need to worry about a rainy or cloudy wedding day.

  • Allergen free option:

In case of having pollen allergy, original flower arrangements at the wedding venue can cause issues with some guests. Wooden wedding flowers give you relieve of this kind of situation. Fake flowers are a wonderful option if the bride, groom, or any member of the bridal party is prone to allergy.


Maybe initially it seemed to be a difficult choice to select between real and fake, but now it is easier for you to make the correct decisions. WOODFLOWERS.COM provides you a complete variety of floral arrangements and bouquets of wooden wedding flowers with high quality and affordable prices.

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