The start of a new year is always exciting for tech enthusiasts as products from different companies battle it out with each other in developing the best and the latest in their scene. It’s time to pop open your shopping lists and to keep a look out for the trendiest gadgets that are sure to be great presents for yourself or your loved ones as 2019 moves us closer to the future.

E-book reader

With the extensive library of e-books growing more and more, from classics to contemporary pieces, people on the go no longer need to keep a hardbound copy of their favorite novel when they can instead keep a notebook-sized tablet in their backpack or purse. Amazon and Kindle’s e-book readers are great companions for long commutes and even short trips to the nearby café or restaurant.  If you’re someone who’s a fan of reading in your spare time, then an e-book reader should be on your shopping list.

Wireless earbuds

Apple’s Air Pods have received critical success after being modelled from previous iterations of Bluetooth speakers. With the advancements of technology today, we are much closer to reaching a future where wires will soon become a remnant of the technological past.


Though Apple did start the craze of buying the latest and the most advanced smartphones in the market, their current reputation of selling ‘incomplete’ phones with shorter battery lives and quirky issues such as missing phone jacks has hurt their novelty. Breaking your iPhone could cost you a whole lot in repairs or replacement if you don’t have one of the trendy and handy wholesale pop sockets attached or a solid case to keep it intact. Besides being one of the first few companies to make the most out of cloud systems, an iPhone doesn’t do much other than be a fashion statement and provide an above-average phone camera.

Enter Samsung and Sony’s competitive race into the scene. Developing phones that have specs far beyond the iPhone and with the added functionality of being readily accessible for app makers and programmers alike makes them a viable alternative to the restricted iPhone.

Smart watches

With gadgets becoming smaller and their processing capabilities being worlds ahead from where they were before, going for smaller and compact seems to be a trend of today. Smart watches are now becoming a viable product once again. Previous iterations of smartwatches received criticism for limited battery life, but next-gen smart watches are looking to make them just as much a norm as tablets and smartphones are today.

Tablet keyboard

Tablets are becoming the norm to replace laptops. With newer models boasting more powerful hardware systems which can run both your office applications and your occasional mobile gaming needs, a tablet’s light and compact nature make it a potential alternative to replace laptops in the future. Apple and Samsung have both released accompanying accessories for their tablets to further emphasize the ability of tablets to be a viable work partner while on the go.

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