Having more than one pair of versatile footwear in your wardrobe can be largely advantageous. You can use it with a number of combinations. Compared to women, the variety of options that men have at their disposal when it comes to footwear is minimal. So we are forced to make the most of what the current trends have to offer. Considering their popularity in the current fashion trend, Chelsea boots are an absolute wardrobe essential.

They are the choice of footwear, considering how you can wear them at any time of the year. The best part about them is that they not only accommodate different weather conditions but also work with multiple types of styles. As a matter of fact, Chelsea boots are the only pair of men’s footwear that does not feel out of place when worn with formals, casual and smart casuals. This makes their presence in your wardrobe absolutely invaluable. Also, they come in a wide variety of colours and materials making them a true champion of versatility. But in order to make the most of what they can bring to your style, you must ensure to give your choice of trousers some thought, simply because with the right kind of trousers your overall look is going to mesmerize onlookers. Here are some trouser styles that work seamlessly well with Chelsea boots. Slim fit jeans and Chino trousers: There is no surprise in why slim fit trousers are one of the hottest trends around. The look they can impart to your fashion is indispensable. They accentuate the lower half of your body like no other piece of men’s clothing while managing to give you that mature and polished look. Chelsea boots are the perfect choice for wearing with slim fit trousers considering their ability to highlight and accentuate the silhouette of the lower half of the body. They hug the leg and manage to do this without making the lower half of your body look skinny. Given their versatile nature, they work equally well with both slim fit denim and chino trousers. Tailored trousers: If you are a man who enjoys the finesse of classic styles then there is a high chance that you are frequently seen dressed in tailored trousers. The neat streamlined look of the Chelsea boots works in sync with the sophisticated and neat look of tailored trousers. It doesn’t matter if you are dressed in a suit or are wearing tailored trousers with just a shirt or a pullover on top, these boots can add quite a bit of flair to your smart dressing style. There are not many choices of men’s footwear that can manage to do what the Chelsea boot does to your style and boy does it do it like a champ! Skinny fit jeans: Remember how we spoke about the versatility of Chelsea boots? The fact that you can wear them with skinny fit denim jeans, a style that may not be unanimously loved by all men but is too hot to ignore, is a testament to this fact. The thing that works for Chelsea boots with Skinny fit denim jeans is colours. If you are into skinny fit jeans and happen to like these hot high tops boots as well, then this combination is a great way for you to go crazy trying different colours of these boots with your jeans.

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