Shopping for a ring to engage your significant other is not only a duty but also a task that keeps a majority busy and also makes them confused. This ring is a priceless token that one should shop for with utmost consideration. Several points should be kept in mind prior to buying that precious piece of jewelry that symbolizes a vital commitment between two people who love each other and are set to be married. The following are some of the points that one should consider prior to purchasing a custom-made engagement ring from any outlet.


Just like the wedding ring, an engagement ring should be priceless. Therefore, if you can spend on a custom-made engagement ring it will be a wise investment. Notwithstanding, a custom-made engagement ring is a unique piece that will be worn by your fiancé. However, any engagement rings custom price vary depending on various jewelry dealers. Therefore, you should select a reliable dealer who will craft the best ring within a reasonable price setting. Moreover, most engagement rings are made when you order. Consequently, the pricing is given when you request it. This means that you will have the obligation to fulfill the quote once it’s completed according to your specifications. Nonetheless, the price should be anything above 5000 dollars for most rings. This depends on the specifications and the type of diamond you choose to use.


An authentic custom-made engagement ring basically has a diamond centerpiece. Normal engagement rings may have a lowly priced carat diamond centerpiece. This including the diamond on the setting of the ring may be below 0.50-carat. However, custom-made pieces are bound to have higher carats of diamond within them.

A ring with 0.5-carat diamond weighs approximately 5.2mm while a 1-carat diamond ring weighs approximately 6.5mm. These weights are influenced by how the stone has been cut to ultimate proportions. Most engagement rings have an attractive centerpiece that has been crafted to fit on the ring with unique dimensions. Regardless of this, the weight of the diamond should measure up to the price that will be quoted by the jewelry dealer and it should match your fiancé’s personality and style.


The engagement ring should display class. Therefore, the quality should be excellent. Moreover, check if the diamond and the certificate match. Never buy a custom engagement ring that isn’t certified. Remember one of the reasons that you’re buying that custom-made ring is to purchase a piece of jewelry that contains the utmost quality. Therefore, the metal that is contained on the ring itself is also genuine. This halo should be made of valuable precious metal such as white gold, yellow gold, and platinum among others. In addition to this, you have to ensure that it matches the center stone of the ring.

Type and Size

Even if it’s the groom who plans to purchase the ring, he should ensure that it fits the bride perfectly. If it’s going to be a surprise and you don’t want your lady to find out, you have to find a way of finding out her exact ring size. It will be very embarrassing to buy that doesn’t fit snugly, especially if you’ve spent a lot on purchasing it. The type should also match the wedding bands that you intend to buy. You should keep in mind that these rings might even stay in the family line for long and your future generations might wear them.

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