Are you in need of a change in your visual appearance? Well then a visit to a colour and style image consultant is what you need. If you are in a style rut and have become bored with the image you see in the mirror or you just hate going shopping because all you bring home are the same colours and styles in the same neutral no-brainer colour… black!How do we get this way? How do we lose our way when it comes to dressing ourselves? Here are a few reasons:

People tend to influence us in what they like to wear such as parent, partners and friends
We do not understand the importance of styles when it comes to our body shape
As we age the styles that once suited us no longer do and we struggle to decide on the choices we should be making
During our lives our body changes due to: childbirth, menopause, illness, old age, weight gain and weight loss.
With such busy lifestyles we have less time to shop for clothing.
Our financial position changes affecting what we can buy.
Fortunately these problems can be resolved simply and permanently.  You can achieve your true visual potential by simply employing the services of a color and style image consultant.

The power of the image that you create is incredible and many of us are unaware on how powerful it really is. The way in which you dress tells the world many things about yourself such as:

Your character
Your level of self-esteem
Your level of self-awareness
Your attitudes
Your social background
Your financial position
By understanding what your clothes are saying about you and realizing you have control over the impression you are creating you will have made one of many significant insights. This in due course will assist you in accomplishing your personal goals.When people care about the impression they make through their appearance they are seen to be more credible and capable. When we see a well groomed person we automatically perceive them to have a higher intelligence and motivation and a superior level of self-worth and self-assurance. Wow….and all this from just putting on an outfit!

People dress according to the way in which they feel about themselves and very rarely realize this. If there is a lack of self-assurance the clothes that you will dress in do not attract attention, where as a person who is confident will dress in a striking and self-edifying manner.So by no means undervalue the value of great personal presentation. Right or wrong, when you look good you feel great.How we present ourselves has such a profound effect on how we appear, feel and are seen by others, as and investment in yourself it is worth thinking about engaging the services of a Colour and Style consultant. Their objective and well trained eye will help you on your discovery to a new and even more wonderful you!

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