When it comes to styles of sunglasses available for sale, they can be roughly divided into two distinct kinds with a quite different market appeal and marketing strategy for each. On the one hand, there are the super expensive brand-name designer sunglasses popular among fashionistas as a means to make a real statement. Usually, these are marketed in high-end quarters, and are typically a single, one-off purchase. Their popularity also doesn’t particularly rely on the qualities of the glasses themselves (although many of them are of high quality). Rather, it is things like celebrity endorsements and brand prestige that drives sales of these designer sunglasses – and they are marketed as such.

If you are stocking sunglasses, however, then the overwhelming chances are that these are not the kinds of glasses you sell. Far more popular, in fact, are bulk designer sunglasses usually offered in a wide range of styes and for multiple purposes. These are the sunglasses that are bought for use as well as style. Sunglasses are actually necessary for a whole range of different tasks, from reducing glare when driving to winter sports and aiding with eye strain from excessive screentime.

Fashionable Shades

However, the supposedly more utilitarian nature of bulk sunglasses gives rise to a misconception among marketers that these sunglasses are somehow less fashionable. In fact, fashion plays a key part in the marketing strategies of those selling wholesale sunglasses. Olympic Eyewear, a Salt Lake City-based sunglasses wholesaler, say that bulk orders are usually purchased in assorted batches. This means every order comes with a diverse range of styles, which is also how they are presented to the customer.

When wholesale sunglasses are bought in a store, the customer is usually faced with a rack containing many different styles, each catering to all the practical uses for sunglasses as well. In such a situation, the style of the sunglasses on offer plays a key role, and so it is a good idea to follow the fashion trends. And make no mistake about it, there are strong seasonal trends among wholesale sunglasses. If you are selling sunglasses, it is important to have these represented on your in-store rack or online product page.

Top Trends Right Now

But what are these trends? Here are the top styles to look out for when you make your next order:

Flat Lens

One of the newest trends to hit the market, these sleek flat lens glasses are typically unisex – meaning a broad customer appeal for you. The frame shapes are usually pretty diverse too, offering lots of choice.

Brow Bar

Brow bar sunglasses are a stylish modern update of the classic sunglasses style. Think sepia-tinted LA in the late sixties. It is a strong aesthetic and one that is sure to sell well today.


Hipster sunglasses are a diverse category, but they always cater to the same market niche. Think slightly ironic, retro looking glasses in a colorful array of lens tints and you get the idea. There is a certain type of customer that buys these glasses, and that is a market demographic that never seems to disappear.


With little difference in material quality and effectiveness, wholesale sunglasses are sometimes hardly distinguishable from the big-name brands which dominate the high end of the market. Fashionista-style sunglasses are the ones for those with a taste for classy sunglasses that are always coordinated with an outfit.

These are the trends that are sure to sell well this summer. Next time you order an assorted dozen, keep an eye out.

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