Most men always tend to go for denim in shades of blue. But when it comes to pure style, black denim jeans are not so far off at all. The thing that most of us tend to miss most of the times is, blue denim jeans cannot hold a candle to the versatility of the black ones. Black denim jeans are clean, smart and extremely simple to style. In fact, it is so easy to style denim jeans that it is almost effortless. You can wear them to the pub, clubs, or even to lunch. With black it is all about getting the combination of the top and the shoes that you wear with your denim jeans right. So why lose out on something as simple as a pair of black denim jeans and shoes, especially when they can style you up so effortlessly? If you are convinced, then the first thing that you are going to need are shoes. Before you begin to choose your shoes, you need to understand that the fit of your jeans depends on the kind of shoes that make up a particular look. Well-fitting like slim and skinny fits don’t go well with chunky looking shoes. Similarly, dress shoes and baggy jeans can create an absolute eyesore as a smart casuals attempt. So a simple thumb rule that you can follow is to avoid looking bottom heavy when dressing in slim fit black denim. Slip-ons, trainers, Chelsea boots, and brogues are what you need with them. Similarly, a pair of canvas trainers is going to look like a mismatch with baggy jeans. Confused? To make things simple, we have put together some awesome combinations of black denim jeans and the shoes that you can wear with them. Brown Shoes with Black denim jeans: Dark brown and tan coloured shoes are a natural fit with black denim jeans. This is a combination of jeans and shoes that are guaranteed to be a hit in your casual wardrobe. Black jeans with brown boots can be worn with plaid shirts for a great streetwear look. Depending on the weather, you can accessorize your look by throwing a jacket or a knitted pull over on top. Dress shoes and Black denim jeans: We are strictly talking smart casual here. This combination is ideal for one of those occasions that call for a smart yet comfortable attire. Dress shoes tend to be slimmer, so pairing them with slim fit black denim trousers is a good idea. Complete this look with a hot blazer in navy blue colour for that classic smart casual look. Chukka Boots and Black denim jeans: This look is a prime example of how interesting things can get when two extremely versatile items of clothing come together. Chukka boots and black denim jeans make a great look that can be worn to a social event that does not have a dress code. Chelsea Boots and Black denim jeans: An effortless way to smarten up your look is to use Chelsea boots. Slim fit denim jeans and Chelsea boots make a splendid combination that can be worn with Blazers for a smart casual look or with a bomber or a leather jacket for a fantastic casual look. Trainers and Black denim jeans: Neutral coloured trainer shoes and black denim jeans make a memorable casual look. It is a combination that you can use all year round. There are a wide variety of tops you can try with this combination.

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