When it comes to finding the best countertop shopping tips, the first thing to consider is value. You want the best material for your money and that means knowing which countertops are worth it and which ones should be avoided.

So, here are some of the most common countertop materials that homeowners just like you are putting into their kitchens because of the value they provide:


Perhaps the best reason to install granite countertops in Richmond, VA is that it’s a material that only looks expensive. The truth is granite has become far more affordable over the past decade as this stone is easier to source and engineer for safe use in the home.

Homeowners turn to granite for its strength, durability, and resistance to high temperatures. It’s also among the most versatile of options so that you can find a color and style to fit your kitchen’s interior décor. Since this is a natural stone, granite can also be porous. So, you need to be sure that your granite is well-sealed, otherwise bacteria and germs found in blood and other liquids can seep into the countertop and become trapped, making it unsafe to remain in the home.


Like granite, marble is a porous stone that must be properly sealed to protect it from liquid absorption and cosmetic damage from knives and other sharp objects. But what makes marble so popular is that it brings a unique aesthetic to the inside of the kitchen.

Similar to granite, marble is strong and resistant to heat. But unlike granite, it’s a much more expensive countertop material and you can expect to see marble used in areas such as islands and backsplashes as often as you see it applied to a countertop.

Many homeowners choose marble because this is a material that is highly sought after and therefore, brings increased resale value to any home. However, you will need to perform higher levels of maintenance and upkeep to preserve its appearance.

Ceramic Tile

Considered one of the easiest materials to clean and maintain, ceramic tile has a unique aesthetic and comes in a myriad of colors, designs, and styles. Tile is also an attractive option for those homeowners who prefer to do the work around the house themselves instead of hiring a contractor.

Even more attractive, ceramic tile countertops are cheaper than their stone counterparts even as they can withstand high levels of heat just as easily. There are a few drawbacks in that tile is easier to crack than a stone countertop and you will definitely pay more for custom tile options if you aren’t happy with the styles that are available from your local retailer.


Perhaps not as popular as stone or tile, wood does provide a familiar and comfortable aesthetic typically reserved for rustic architectural styles. You can find wood countertops in a whole range of wood species types, colors and finishes.

Though wood is easy to clean it does require some routine maintenance to keep it from losing its appearance. Though you can easily sand and refinish wood countertops much like you would your wood cabinet, scratches and dents can remain.

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