Do you suffer from back pain and are you looking for a solution to reduce the tension and stress that builds up in your neck and spine? If, from time to time, you indulge in a massage, you have no doubt realized that it is an excellent solution to relax and to relieve pain. However, the effect is temporary and it is unfortunately not always possible to book a massage per week in an institute.

Know that there are massage and pedicure chairs for sale in the market. These will prove very practical every day. Do not hesitate to discover our entire collection!

What is the use of a massage chair?

Before talking about the usefulness of the massage chair, we must already understand what it is. In reality, it is a relaxation chair that is equipped with a massage system more or less elaborate depending on the models. To start this seat, it is usually sufficient to press the button of a remote control. The vibrations of massage chairs take into account the most effective massage techniques of the moment: depending on the tension or pain you feel, some points in particular can be massaged by the seat. You can enjoy a full back massage or linger on some painful parts of your body (the upper or lower back for example).

But in the end, what is the use of the massage chair? It aims to bring you total relaxation by reducing the stress and tensions that accumulate throughout the day and may eventually become real back pain. We live in a stressful time. The slightest annoyance can affect our health. This is why equipment such as the massaging relaxation chair can be very useful. Thus, whenever you feel the need, you can sit on your spa chairs and enjoy a kneading of sore areas and / or tense.

Which massage chair is right for you?

Attention, there are several types of massage chairs. Indeed, some relaxation chairs that take place in the living room are equipped with a massage function. But some nomadic seats can also be used daily. This is the case, for example, of Shiatsu massage seats: simply connect them to the mains (or the cigarette lighter in the car) and put them on a chair to enjoy their benefits.

To choose the massage chair that suits you best, we advise you to think about situations that tend to cause you pain. For example, if your pains appear in the evening when you return home because of the tensions accumulated during the day, the massaging relaxation chair will suit you perfectly. If on the other hand, your pains appear rather when you drive, the massage backrest which is installed on the seat of the car will be better for you.

How to use his massage chair?

You can use your massage chair at any time of the day, even if we do not recommend its use in the evening before going to bed. Indeed, although a massage chair allows to relax, it must be kept in mind that when certain areas are stimulated, it can affect sleepiness.

Preferably, the duration of the massage should be between 5 and 25 minutes.

In any case, you will discover the first use of your massage chair that it is not complicated to use. Simply sit comfortably on the seat and use the remote control to indicate the area to be massaged and the intensity of the massage. It is also at this time that you can program the duration of the massage

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